Charlotte Van Campenhout

Hi and welcome!
I am an award-winning freelance writer who has lived in Spain, the United Kingdom and Belgium. I have written and edited content (news articles, blogs, newsletters, social media content,...) for several media outlets as well as for Unicef, UNDP and other non-profits and international companies. 
I write in English and Dutch but am confident in speaking Spanish and French as well. On top of that, I speak a bit of Portuguese and am starting to learn Arabic one mispronunciation at a time.
I am determined, involved, curious and open-minded.
You can find an overview of my work here: English and Dutch.

Get in touch!

Let me know if you could use my help with writing, editing and/or translating! 

If you want, we can grab a coffee (I love coffee) or a tea (more coffee for me) and discuss what is needed.